Pets bring an unrivaled joy into many peoples’ lives. Whether you like them furry with whiskers, scaly with gills or slithery and patterned, it is almost certain that there is the perfect pet companion out there for you.

The West Country Advertiser encourages people to do their research first prior to purchasing a pet as they often take a lot more looking after than you first realize. Only get in touch with a breeder to buy an animal if you are certain that you have time to devote to your pet (cuddles, talking and general adoration!) enough money to feed it and look after it properly (be prepared for those unexpected vet bills) and a heart full of love set aside for it – for it will undoubtedly be relying on you.

Are you ready for purrs of affection, barks of excitement or tweets of delight? Once you have chosen to get a pet, it is important to match a particular breed of your desired species to your lifestyle, for example; will the new cat get on well with dogs or children? The West Country Advertiser offers a wide variety of available breeds for sale of all sorts of animals, from the conventional cats and dogs right through to exotic lizards. By highlighting reputable breeders in your area we will help you to find your pet soul mate.

If you are a breeder in the South West and would like to advertise in our publication, get in touch with us to be seen by our animal loving readership.