Health & Wellbeing

Health is a huge issue in today’s world. Overweight or obese people cost the NHS more than £5 billion every year. It’s officially an epidemic, but the changes that you can make to avoid these health conditions can be small and effective. Activities like a half an hour walk to work can burn as much as 150 calories at a time, and dietary changes as simple as taking nutritional supplements with balanced meals can make all the difference. There are also plenty of food outlets out there with low fat and healthy options. It’s easier than ever to fill your cupboards with wholemeal, organic foods, fresh fruit and veg and healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit. As well as avoiding contracting one of the illnesses linked to being overweight, these changes will also make you feel good in yourself, with a knock on effect on your confidence and therefore your relationships with others! Keeping fit can also improve other areas of the body, preventing conditions like back pain from developing. It can even improve your skin! If not, there are plenty of ways to give yourself the dewy glow of youth no matter what your age. There are a host of exciting and innovating new products, making use of new ingredients with brilliant effects. As well as improving your physical condition in order to feel good, more emphasis than ever is being placed on the mind and soul. Most Americans have a therapist, and as well as therapy there are yoga and meditation trends sweeping across the USA and Europe. These are all excellent ways to cleanse your mind and body of the stresses we encounter daily, so why not make a change today?


Help to manage common fears & phobias, that get in the way of living your life for example, Flying, Needles, Spiders, & Social Situations. Plus if it’s difficult for you to get to me, then we can still work together on FaceTime or by Skype.

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